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As you can see, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. You can download a free trial to get started. Windows – for Windows setup, open the display panel in the Control Panel option, on the settings tab make sure you have at least 2 displays visible and active.

This is usually called having the two screens in ‘extended desktop’ mode. Mac OS X – open resolume avenue 3d mapping free download display preferences in system preferences Apple menu, then on the Resolume avenue 3d mapping free download tab make sure ‘mirror displays’ is turned off. Now you have two separate displays on your computer. Жмите сюда on the resolume avenue 3d mapping free download по ссылке on the ‘size’, /47001.txt gives you the size and recognises your projector.

This will be shown on the Output Monitor resolume avenue 3d mapping free download what you’re projecting. This enables you to select, which of the computer display on the main Resolume output should be displayed.

You are then given an option to fill the screen or not. To setup a screen, select it on the left hand side, and choose which output of your computer display 1 or 2.

This is seen on the right hand side, it helps assign correct projector when slicing and masking. Each screen can have one or more slices, by defining a slice, it allows you to control parts of the composition it will include. For example Output 1, will go resolume avenue 3d mapping free download the right hand side of the screen which will always be displayed on the projector and the left hand side will always go to projector 2.

Each display can be configured in two modes: Input Selection and Output Transformation. G560 drivers for windows Output Transformation, you can apply screen warping which allows you to adjust the position or geometry on the final output.

Resolume avenue 3d mapping free download is useful for projection mapping the output to an irregularly shaped surface or when aligning multiple projectors for a spanned output. Transform: this is one of my favourite tool because it allows you to rotate, position and scale your slices in the output section, whereas edit points аналоги? download vmware 10 workstation free download замечательная you to adjust the corners of the frame, you can choose between bezier, linear to curve around the edges.

An example of different edit points is shown above. This will cut off all pixels that are outside of it. A mask will cut out a part of the image, effectively creating a hole. You can have as many crops and masks as needed. The 3D animation content was generated using Cinema 4D and 3D max. The dummy cake measurements were. A replica of the dummy was developed, modified the width and height to the correct sizes, added graphics and text from Photoshop, saved as. PNG file then uploaded to 3D max in order to change the background layout of the cake.

Furthermore, I tweaked around some changes, added degree, frames and changed the rotation sizes and layout to have an eye-catching effect. This exact information can be used in Cinema 4D. The final step is designing different preferred visuals on Photoshop, Sketches or building it from a 3D software then projecting it onto a 2D surface. Finally, import the file to Resolume, make sure it’s saved as.

MOV, then you can begin mapping using advanced transformation menu, mask, crop and different tools to resize your image. Reply 1 year ago. Hi, sorry for the late reply. Reply 2 years ago. Thanks for your nice feedback.

What app are you referring to? Reply 3 years ago. Hi StuartI looked at your websiteit’s awesome. I work on a cruise and i want a similar mapping Technic for the animationmay i know what softwares are you using? Introduction: Projection Mapping on a Wedding Cake.

By Adebimpe Adeoye Follow. If you would like to create this project, you would need: 1. Dummy cake or any preferred object already had. Projector 2x Epson, Acer or any preferred projector borrowed. A laptop. Select how you want your desktop to be displayed: Computer only – this shows your desktop only motherboard drivers download for 10 your computer screen.

Duplicate – this shows your desktop on both your computer screen and a projector. Extend – this extends your desktop from your computer screen to a projector. Projector only – this shows your desktop only on a projector. Connect to a projector Windows – for Apple 4.4 free download setup, open the display panel in the Control Panel option, on the settings tab make sure you have at least 2 displays visible and active.

There are options given in modifying the object which is transform and edit points. Resolume avenue 3d mapping free download luck! Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! EuG7 1 year ago. Reply Upvote. Adebimpe Adeoye EuG7 Reply 1 year ago. ClarissaS13 2 years ago. Adebimpe Adeoye ClarissaS13 Reply 2 years ago. По этому адресу Adeoye seamster Reply 2 years ago.

StuartH55 4 years ago. Adebimpe Adeoye StuartH55 Reply 2 years ago. Thanks in advance. Adebimpe Adeoye 5 years ago.

But that’s этом logic pro x manual free point of the design being affordable for the market research.


Resolume avenue 3d mapping free download. Resolume Arena Media Server


You can try both as long as you like. Everything works. You can save and use all the features. The only limitation is a visual watermark that will appear on the output.

Also, a robotic voice will remind you every once in a while of which software you are using. Once you gave both Avenue and Arena a good spin, you can make your decision on which one is best for you. You can just go ahead and purchase Avenue. If you then realise at any point that you needed Arena after all, you can just come back and upgrade by paying the difference. We won’t charge you anything extra as what you would have paid if you bought Arena to begin with. It puts over a hundred effects and sources at your fingertips.

If you want to play a VJ show on a projector or LED wall, or perfect your audio visual art, Avenue has everything you need. Arena is Avenue’s big brother. Just like Avenue, it’s built from the ground-up with visual performance in mind. So it has the same features as Avenue. On top of all that, it adds power user features that will let you take on bigger stages and higher level shows.

For instance, if you want to do projection mapping, stitch multiple projectors together using edge blending or control Resolume from a lighting desk, you will need Arena.

Both Avenue and Arena are available as fully functional demos. You can try both as long as you like. We’re looking forward to January when he joins us full-time to work on new features and improvements. In Resolume 2 this effect was called Barshift. This version is more tweakable because it has extra Frequency and Size parameters. Stroboscope Source Does exactly what you would expect. The two alternating colours are black and white by default but can be adjusted. Including alpha!

Please be careful with this one, high contrast, fast flickering images can cause epileptic attacks. Strobe Effect The Strobe effect flickers the video on and off, the “background” can be adjusted to any colour. Available as a source and an effect. We hope it will inspire many programmers to learn and create FreeFrameGL plugins.

We never knew it was so popular in Resolume 2 so we have rewritten it to work with Resolume 3. You’ll find it among the blend modes and transitions on every layer. For all newbies, it switches the layer on and off at a frequency determined by the video opacity. Because the masks for clips, layers and composition can only be a still image this is a welcome addition if you like to work with animated masks.

Works with any footage, does not have to be grayscale. Surprisingly, most if the time it actually looks great We’re surprised how this cheesy experiment turned into a versatile and useful effect that even 3D haters will like. We have therefore created 2 new Keystone plugins. Keystone Crop and Keystone Mask. For cropping and masking the video without deforming it.

The normal Keystone plugin now has a “Show grid” parameter so it’s easier to see the outlines and make precise adjustments. We’re looking forward to see your video mapping projects in ! So we added this snapshot feature. We hope it’s useful for you too. Column 1, Column 2, etc This will make Avenue load all of them and distribute them to all layers. It’s these small things that make your life as a VJ much easier collumns. It will make it easier to just send an index instead of a value that actually corresponds to one of the values in the list.

So instead of passing in a real value you should now send an index. This makes rendering a bit faster, especially on HD resolutions. Fixed Bugs – [fixed] Decks stay in composition although they are cleared. You just made my day again! Last weeks I did some small gig’s and I can say I fully switched from 2.

So it seems and feel to be really steady. Can’t wait to try the last final release now! Great job guys! Thanks so much! Can’t wait to try it out today I’m implementing some OSC for the first time tonight!

Nice one, extremely stable and really making the most of the new architecture. As far as I can tell, all the issues with OSC becoming saturated have disappeared. I’ve been running the step sequencer at bpm for a while, and it is still keeping up nicely.

Thanks for that update, guys. But i have one problem after upgrading. Avenue is not responding to notebook’s microphones. I’m trying all options but nothing happens. Yeah, doubling up! I still have pending your request for beat multipliers in the sequencer Im trying the demo, and found some little differences with the 3.

Casually, yesterday i was exploring the posibilities of avenue 3. I drop a radial blur over it and, Oh, whats happen here? I tried then the iterate, and the same thing. Then I loaded the yesterday comp, and try it to play the stuff, but all clips goes black.

Ok, the clips goes black, because they are a stack of fx over a gradient source. I can make it visible my clips readjusting the alpha and opacity controls, but the result is not the same. Im thinking, theres a substancial modification of the blends? I mean, something like IRE level change? The past demos do that? I don’t mind the watemark for a try, but that ‘resolumeblue’ voice is making me mad!

Oh, i love the new adds! Francoe, could you explain exactly what combinations of sources and effects results in a black image.


Resolume 5 Video Training – Resolume


Resolume comes in two flavors. Avenue and Arena. This articles explains the difference between them. You can play all your video and audio files. You can use all your live cameras. It puts читать полностью a resolume avenue 3d mapping free download effects and sources at your fingertips. If you want to play a VJ show on resolume avenue 3d mapping free download projector or LED wall, or perfect your audio visual art, Avenue has everything you need.

Arena is Avenue’s big brother. Just like Avenue, it’s вот ссылка from the ground-up with visual performance in mind. So it has the same features as Avenue. On top of all that, it adds power user features that will let you take on bigger stages and higher level shows. For instance, if you want to do projection mapping, stitch multiple projectors together using edge blending or control Resolume from a lighting desk, you will need Arena.

Both Avenue and Arena are available as fully functional demos. You can try both as long as you like. Everything works. You can save and use all the features. The only limitation is a visual watermark that will appear on the output.

Also, a robotic voice will remind you every once in a while of which software you are using. Once you gave both Avenue and Arena a good spin, you can make your decision on which one is best for you. You can just go ahead and purchase Avenue.

If you then realise at any point that you needed Arena after all, you can just come back and upgrade by resolume avenue 3d mapping free download the difference. We won’t charge you anything extra as what you /4406.txt have paid if you bought Arena to begin with.

No harm, no foul. Back to support. Difference between Avenue and Arena Resolume comes in two flavors. Avenue Avenue is our VJ software.

It is designed for live visual performances. Arena Arena is Avenue’s big brother. Upgrading If you’re still unsure about which one you need, don’t worry.


Resolume avenue 3d mapping free download.Top 6 VJ Software for Multiscreen 2017


Volume 4K! Light and dark loops that you can seamlessly mix between. Sacred 4K! Sacred geometry is sacred. All in all, what your library needs is another brickit in the wall.

DisplacedTerrains 4K! Full screen loops made using displacement maps generated with procedural textures. OrnateAnimals 4K! The secret wisdom of animals. DigitizedCubes 4K! Colorful and rhythmical loops with a certain “je ne sais quoi”. SkullWorld 4K!

The underground, digital world of skulls. LightsUp 4K! When the lights turn up the darkness settles in. Sota 4K! More eye candy from Machina Infinitum. Kraken 4K! Release the kraken!

Natural motifs visually manipulated in three different ways. Invertebrates This pack brings storytelling into VJ-ing. Invertebrates rule over humanity. MicahBuzanBundle2 The second bundle is here and it includes themes like:. QuarryNeon 4K! Neon lights dancing in the quarry. Reload When organic meets geometric. AbandonedPunkDoll 4K! Never leave your doll unattended. MicahBuzanBundle A present like no other.

AnimalMask 4K! Fierce steel animals waiting to be awakened. Acid 4K! Something to make you happy. CollageCityTrip Take a tour around the fictional city. LostSignal 4K! We are getting Matrix vibes from these ones.

Decadance 4K! Decadent dance moves and more. Enter6 4K! Enter6 enters the building and asks:. Discube 4K! Rubik’s cube inspired loops. Stone 4K! Think of the opposite of fresh and vital. Heads 4K! It’s what’s inside that counts. Nightmares See you in Carolina’s nightmares! Hauntology 4K! Some classy and classic ghosts of the past. Animal 4K! Glowing animals in the dark.

Adinkra 4K! Animated African symbols. Space A better world is coming, eventually. BoxMappingToolkit 4K! Create highly complex 3D Projection mapping illusions. BioBotica 4K! Bio bots moving mechanically on BPM tempo. Videologies4 Analog, minimal and abstract. DataFlow 4K! Minimal data visualization. UrbanRhythms Buildings and communication towers with red and black graphic elements.

LightsPatterns 4K! A wall of controlled lights made in Resolume, audio reactive and BPM synced. DarkAttraction A collection of classical sculptures touching each other and glitching.

VirtualStageFX When using pyrotechnics isn’t possible, you can count on these loops. PsychedelicTravels This content mixes itself. ScifiVisual Welcome to sci fi. OnBeat 4K High quality rhythmical content. Trinity 4K! Ghosteam goes all symbolic on this one.

NoHopeJustFear 4K! Horror themed loops. Blendwash 4K! Check this pack if you are looking for something different. OrganikVibes Step inside the microcosmos. HoloVol1 4K! A pack of loops designed for transparent screens.

Videologies3 Keep ’em analog loops coming! CyborgSpace 4K! A cute cyborg travelling through space. Woods2 4K! A peak into the past future hanging gardens. NormalGuy It’s you against the world. Object 4K! Objects precious like diamonds. SpaceUniverse 4K! Jump on a quarantine free travel through the Universe. Simplicity 4K! Machina’s Infinitum trilogy ends with Simplicity. Videologies2 A brand new pack that includes explorations with a recently developed analog video device.

InternationalPatterns 4K! Use them as they are or layer them on top of your existing footage. Barricade 4K! Barricade your screens with these bpm synced loops. MovingMountains 4K! These loops come in two versions: clean and BPM effect sync loop. PsychedelicEssentials 4K! A diverse collection of trippy and eye candy loops. SuperCreature One-of-a-kind animations that will make your live visuals stand out!

GeometrikVibes Let yourself immersed into the codes of sacred geometry. BulbWorld 4K! When you trip and fall into the clouds. Chocolate A vintage touch with chocolate aroma. LunaPark 4K! Buckle up for a series of rides and roller coasters.

Progressions3 4K! Trippy black and white background patterns. Planets 4K! The planets and everything that orbits around them. MoCapMayhem 4K! Motion captured dance moves. Sub-Divided Not just divided, but sub-divided.

CubeCity 4K! A mixture of technical, scifi and abstract. MorphologyZooms Use as stand alone loops or mix and match with other footage for endlessly fascinating combinations!

Statues 4K! It has stone blocks, it has light, it has colors. IntoTheGlow 4K! If you don’t wanna spin, but you want to strobe, you want to kaleidoscope FloatingPolygons2 This pack is like a sci-fi movie with no ending.

SilkScreenPrint Silk-screen printing is one of the most popular printing techniques. A kind of VJ Survival Kit with a twist. WireTunnel Minimal wire tunnels. Enter5 4K! Follow the story of Enter. This is the fifth chapter. Robo-Face 4K! The robots are taking over! Machines are gonna rule the world. Videologies1 Unique analog video loops impossible to replicate in the digital environment.

A collection of twentyseven unique tunnels. Dystopia 4K! Embrace darkness and unleash these visuals ideal for chill sets or blasting beats. Woods 4K! Are we out of the woods yet? Galactucity 4K! Buckle up for the most awesome intergalactic trip ever!

DeepSilk2 4K! The most beautiful of dreams and the worst of nightmares. FogAndDust 4K! A dark sci fi visual pack. SummerVibrant Get instantly happy by staring into these shapes and colors. LuCastle A modern take on a medieval tale. ConsciousCoral 4K! Concrete 4K! Loops you could dance to. Inkblots Monochrome loops inspired by Inkblot pictures to hypnotize your audience.

LocknLol 4K! A world’s famous band made of clay. DancingBirds Flamingos and penguins on batteries bouncing on beats per minute.

CreatureFeature 4K! A set of visuals that lets you make monsters. NeonRoom2 4K! Brighten up those screens with these already well known Ghosteam style neons. VHS’id 4K! This must be where VHS go when they die. OrganicMotions Abstract, organic motions loops kissed by the sun and held closely by the blue sky. Hearts 4K! Hearts beating like clocks. Heartbreaker Warning! Heartbreaker on the loose. SecretStash Abstract, slow animations for your electronic music events.

WavePattern 4K! So good you want to eat them! Spectrum 4K! MetalGold If you like what you see put a ring on it. Christmas Evil Santa might be evil, but he’s dancing on all your tunes. Frozen 4K! This pack of loops was designed to cover all your holiday season needs. NewBabylon 4K! A view into the imagined city of the future. TimeCapsule A collection of surreal old footage collages. Gussshy 4K! Who doesn’t love a good portion of particles? Afterlife 4K! O artist, we ask thee to multiply the gifts of thy render.

Halloween We live, we die and we have lots of fun in between. Progressions2 Breath in, breath out, it’s all about black and white. VJSurvivalKit6 4K! Hands 4K! Machine A pack of 30 stand alone full screen mad loops. PainterlyGlass It all begins with glass, the prime material. WildStyles 4K! Don’t forget to eat at least five fruits and vegetables a day.

PyramidOrbs Sacred loops and perfect animations. RedCode The invisible is finally being made visible. BattleWeapon Spoiler: a tank, a craft and a walker. GeoStripes 4K! Flavoured like a pack of bubble gum. EastMandala We can feel the festival vibes coming. FloatingPolygons Do not settle for anything less than what you deserve.

Cyberspace 4K! Choose your loops like you would choose an avocado. Grid 4K! Ghosteam is teaching us a lesson with every new pack he’s making. LuRays The light within will guide your vj-ing sets. Hand 4K! Minimal pack of loops that will rightly compliment your set. Liquiform 4K!

Welcome to level 33 Particle Effect. BlueSpace Julius Horsthuis is back with a message from the outer world. Unter More real than real. Structures 4K! A modern twist on the classic style of black and white visuals. HyperLines Juicy and meaty colorful pack of loops. Alien 4K! The pyramids, aliens! Crop circles, aliens! LiquidLightning The lightning that enlightens! FloodLight It’s all about the light.

And shadows. DriftNet Caution: content is extremely hot! Pop-Aganda You might think we are making propaganda here, but the only ‘ganda we like is pop-aganda.

Cities No need for alarms in the cities that never sleep. AlienGarden This pack is our proof that alien gardeners exist. Pattern3 4K! Now I am no math scientist, but I am seeing a pattern here. Cont 4K A minimal pack for the maximum of the effects. FractalGold Fractals look different every time you look at them. Like looking at yourself in the mirror.

Ethnik2 Start packing, cause we are going on a journey! Cytology As cells divide and recombine, life continues to evolve. Geometrika The use of volumetric lighting in this pack is nothing short of spectacular. BlackDancer Infuse some class into your set. Transvolt A beautiful morsel of motion design. Mech Rise of the machine! BluredLines Abstract. VJSurvivalKit5 The gift that keeps on giving.

Enter4 4K! The saga continues. AbrilBeats Locked to the beat and synced to the pixel. FlicKit 4K! Full speed ahead! PlasticFantastic If it looked any more like candy, I’d eat it. Opti A sleekly designed architectural pack of loops that will make the screens fall in love with their own pixels. DashBase2 4K! Black and white rhythmical patterns for when you feel like starting a battle with the DJ.

Primitive 4K! Epilepsy warning! ParticleMan 4K! Not a bird, not a plane. Cathedral The perfect mix between Gregorian and Gigerian. TwoPointZero 4K! Dark yet powerful, this is how VJ footage was meant to be. MachineHead 4K! Mechanoid and organoid. The best of both worlds. LoPolyZoo Lions, rhinos, wolves, deer, this pack has got more animals than polygons. Metalive A delicious twist on a familiar concept.

Trontastik Greetings, programs! Focus Bright, rhythmic, colorful. This is what every screen needs. FiberGlitch Fiber is the cornerstone of any healthy diet. VirtualMemory Recursive poetry in motion. Wonderland Curiouser and curiouser. Lights Do you feel that? That warm fuzzy analog feel? DeepSilk 4K! Admit it, you want to touch it.

Tunnels It’s all about the illusion of depth. CrystalThorn Float away on this crystal dream. OrnaMental 4K! Just the right amount of psychedelic and more versatile every time you play it.

EssentialSet 4K! Forever evolving, forever revolving. HexxaBeats 4K! Abstract 3D tunnel zoom galore. Enter3 4K! The third chapter. FreakShow Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, step right up and behold the greatest show on earth: the FreakShow. HuffPuff Light the fire and add some smokey vibes to your set. CRQL Round and round and round and round.

OverlayEccentrics 4K! A delicious morsel of motion design. Panoramic Triplewide! Take in a wide perspective on life. PartikelStorm2 Just when you thought they had reached the end of their lifetime…. Progressions Light is meaningful only in relation to darkness. Enter2 4K! M-M-M-M-Monster set! WhiteDancer An ethereal ghostlike shape floating through the collective subconscious.

NeonMetalBeats Abstract magical tunnels, strange alien machinery and geometric glowing objects. TeaseMe 4K! Luscious lippies and elegant hands invite you to join them for a night of blissful ecstacy. Pattern 4K! Add a tactile feel to your stage using these intricate patterns. ChaoticGeometries Step into the chaos. What more do you need to know? WaterWorld Water and electricity make a lethal combo.

Trilt This pack is a banger that does well on any type of screen. RazzleDazzle2 Dan Wise is back with more Dazzle camo tactics! Construct Greetings, programs! LucidDream Is this real life? Or is this just fantasy? Prime loops? Now this is just getting silly. JumpCut 4K Threading that thin line between figurative and abstract. Displace2 The only thing better than the first Displace pack is the second Displace pack.

LuSin LuSin ia a pack worth dying for. Worth killing for. Worth going to hell for. Cyborgasm Two words: Laser. Ethnik Laak meets National Geographic magazine. Cuboid2 Take your cube mapping to new heights with this successor of Cuboid by Muzencab. UltraBursts 4K Shimmer and sparkle all around. Shatter Continuing the neon tubes theme, Ghosteam drops the successor of NeonRoom. Radarize The only thing more fun than writing plugin effects is playing with them.

Abstract These 20 loops pack all the punch you need. Characters Insert some character into your set. FerroCious Over saturated with abstract 3D? Add a more analog feel to your sets. Inferno Resident psychonaut Catmac deals another dose of the the most mind melting visual psychedelica.

HiddenSun Like the sun breaking through the clouds after a storm, these loops are a sight for sore eyes. FutureTribe This pack is just perfection. VJSurvivalKit3 Even when mixing at breakneck speeds, 1 minute is not enough to show the full range of this pack. Cyantific Minimal, rhythmical and abstract loops are a dime a dozen these days. Voyage Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain Ghosteam speaking. NeonStructures NeonStructures is a pack of rarefied gases, lit up by thousands of volts of high potential content.

GlassMachines Unleash your inner mad scientist with this amazing transparent machinery. AudioTech Plug in to the PA and get connected to the sound. Subconscious Analog Recycling is back! FluidMandalas Gorgeous fluid dynamics and silky smooth realflow particles, forever weaving and churning their way across their screen.

SpiritMolecule This pack is a direct stimulation of your pineal gland. RoboTronic Mechanised samurai robots from the future! CityDrives Ostwerker takes us on an epic drive through techno city. TechnoTron Widescreen Video ups the ante for with highly detailed modeling, rhythmic animation and a mesmerizing play with light.

Metric In his new loop pack Metric, Muzencab shows style is something which is always evolving. LoliPop Sweet, sugary and brightly coloured, Lolipop is the very definition of eye candy. SpaceOpera Eighteen months ago, the first evidence of intelligent life off the Earth was discovered. RedGiants Daniel Knight returns with another giant release. VjSurvivalKit2 This pack has 99 loops. Even the demo-footage. With it work fine!

VJ Escapation wrote: When i click it gets stuck on the yellow loading bar:- This happens sometimes when Avenue is confused about the sound card.

Go into the Preferences and on the Audio tab select the correct audio device. That should fix it. This happens sometimes when Avenue is confused about the sound card. Thanks, that fixed it. However, the effects still only work when I drag them into place, no more clicking? Nice work with the new release, its a lot more responsive and stable.

Edwin, sorry about the delay. Ok, that thing is not a real problem at all, i mean something is a little different in the blends gamma, offset.. Cause I can recompose the clips adjusting the values. I make you a very cheap example of what kind of combinations, because is very large to describe it clip by clip.

Then you save your Comp, reopenit in 3. Oh, I swear that he’s talking to me about blue things!! By the way, actually you can select the ‘no output’ in 3. Tell me if I wrong, but i think that the bpm are manager by the audio card clock only, and don’t have implicances over the output channels that you selected.

Again, isn’t a problem. I just will turn on my old AM radio, and play with it. At this time, i think that this new version really rocks. Hi Resolume! Thanks for the updated version!! I ordered version 3 when you originally allowed pre-ordering back in the day. Haven’t really used it live just yet though. I have a few critiques after using the latest version: 1. Atleast, for how I trigger clips. Basically, I have 20, video clipz divided into genres and years. I can’t seem to do that as quickly with vesion 3 as I could 2.

Whenever i drag a deck into a composition, it defaults to the last deck, so dragging lots of decks into a composition is difficult. And when i am sifting around looking for the right deck, the video strobes as the new clips are loading. Maybe make a button to collapse all of the compositions in the browser? Whenever I load the project, I have to collapse all 65 compositions I created.

Make a composition hold more than 19 decks? In version 2 I could have a folder with as many decks as I wanted. It would be great to have the ability to organize my material more thoroughly without breaking the folders every 18 decks. These are my only major things preventing me from gigging with the new version.

Are these kinds of updates a priority before version 4? But I think the guys have a good reason to do it maybe some structural limitation of coding, but who knows. I don’t manage a lot of clips like you, but anyway I need to make precomps of everything. At least for me, is a very difficult job to find a clip on the fly.

Yes, I think we miss that sensation: run Resolume Wow, Im god! But maybe I need just a hardware update. So I can’t judge it. I like the ‘collapse all’ button idea.

Same problem here about that. That kind of little things make the difference. Hi, I solved this problem in the following way: I don’t make pre made decks in resolume avenue. When I’m performing I just have to scroll trough my folders on the computer and than I just drag and drop files into resolume. You can even add multiple files in that way. In that way the computer doesn’t slow down and you can go trough all of your content in a very fast way.

What about Traktor I’m dreaming about this fonctionnality, we can do loop, scratch, cue point audio and visual at the time.

Midi clock is cool, but is more for Live set than DJing. DJ or DVJ need timecode sync. However, great job from the Resolume team. Happy new year to everyone! I have a troubles with MXo2 mini. I cant run it in resolume. Using windows 7 with the latest matrox drivers. Does anyone know how to fix this!

Thank you for your help! Waht exactly are the troubles you’re having? Well the trouble I have is that the Resolume can’t see the MXo2 in sources. The only way to grab the signal is via the original matrox software coming with MXo2.

I’ve tried everything from upgrading the firmware, reinstalling ect.. Thanks for any help! The problem is that we don’t have a MX02 on hand to test with. Are there any other users out there with experience with it? Resolume can’t see the source, firmware and drivers are up to date. Hi there, I am follwing up on corunography post Dec 27 That is what is still preventing me from using R3 for real I stick to R2. This is too bad, I already reported this issue, and was hoping that R3.

Another thing I noticed: let say I have a composition with 30 decks. I save the composition and quit. When I re-open R3, it loads my last composition OK but everytime with a random subset of decks. And double-clicking on a a deck name takes ages for loading it. Sometimes I revert to daxx’s solution, but that is really a pitty. I really like Resolume and the team is nice when answering questions.

I am sure they do their best, but I don’t understand why they don’t focus more on this kind of issues. Any progress with MXO2 issue? I would really love to have this working under the resolume. Luminescent drive wrote: Any progress with MXO2 issue?

I would also like to know this! Especially as Joris wrote: goto10 wrote: We’re aware of the issues some people have with MXO2 mini, and we’re in contact with Matrox. We’ve been keeping ourselves busy with Resolume 4 for the past few months, so no progress on the MXO2 front I’m afraid. It’s still on the to-do list though. This blog is about Resolume, VJ-ing and the inspiring things the Resolume users make.

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