Xero batch payments not working

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Xero batch payments not working

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Having the same issue. I’m suddenly having the same problem.

Xero was unable to create batch payment – Xero Central.


Kathryn Rayner asked a question. I’m having trouble too – it just goes to a blank screen with “make payments”. I have lodged a query – it said estimated response time is 5 hours!!! I have the same problem. My query response time is 16 hours..

I have the same problem to – blank screen when I get to the make payments screen and want go any further. Some users are unable to create batch payments in Xero. Our Product Team is investigating this with urgency. Thanks Kathryn – I’m prepping my batches as quickly as I can in case something happens again. We are getting the same error – have tried multiple times, using different web browsers. We create batch payments regularly and nothing has changed in our Xero file.

I ended up having to clear all cookies. Make sure you do in advanced not just in basic. Search “Clear Cookies and cache” in Xero for browser specific help Thanks Renee – that hasn’t fixed it unfortunately.

Will have to wait 6 hours for support to respond I guess! Appreciate your help! Share your ideas and feedback to help us improve our products. Skip to main content Search icon Search Xero Central.

Steadfast BookKeeping. Xero not running Batch Payments Has anyone else experienced this issue? Share your ideas and feedback to help us improve our products. Skip to main content Search icon Search Xero Central.

Overview If you’re getting errors when exporting or uploading a batch payment file, there are a couple of things you can check before contacting your bank. Error message There are errors on all Payment Lines in this Batch followed by Payment to xxx — Payee Code is a Required Field — check your bank account number in Xero, as well as your suppliers.

If you get an error message when uploading a batch payment file to your bank, check the following in the Bank account screen: The bank name has been selected from the bank account list in the Your bank field when the bank account was created, the account name hasn’t just been typed in.

The bank account number has been entered correctly, ensuring that all digits are correct and that there aren’t any extra digits. That your supplier’s bank account number has been entered correctly either directly in the batch payment or in their Contact record.

Check your bank account details To check the bank account details for your organisation: In the Accounting menu, select Bank accounts. Check the batch payment details To check the batch payment details for each supplier: Find your batch payment. Click on the batch to open.


Batch payments error.

Investigating – We’re currently aware of an issue preventing users from creating batch payments in Xero. Our Product Team is investigating. Open the Control Panel. · Click Clock, Language, and Region. · Click Date and Time. · Click on the Internet Time tab. · Click Change settings. Check. All of a sudden, the last few weeks, when hitting ‘batch payment’ I get a error message stating “Xero was unable to create your batch payment.


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